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We meet Fridays at 12:00 PM
Tacoma Country & Golf Club
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United States
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The June 15th Rotary Meeting was Rung to Order with multiple gavel bangs to quiet the chatty crowd. President Daniels had a glimmer in his eye looking forward to the end of his regime. But there are many days of work ahead for him. Don called on Scott Buser for the Invocation and Johnny Walker for the flag salute. He thanked Duncan, Rob and Bob for the meeting set up. Special recognition was given for the crew who gets to the meeting early and stays late to make sure all our stuff is in order.
The 5th to the last meeting of the Daniels Regime began on time more or less, 12:29, and with a slightly different opening. To everyone's surprise, Don got close to the microphone and sang loud and clear, doing his very best Frank Sinatra imitation:
"And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain.  
My Rotary friends, I'll say it clear, I'll state my case of which I'm certain.
I've lived a Rotary president's life that's full, I've travelled each and evr'y Lakewood Rotary highway.
And more, much more than this, I did it my way."
After today’s meeting our current President has a trio of meetings left to preside over….please keep the applause to a minimum as President Don likes to keep things on schedule… that end the meeting was brought to order once again at the appropriate time.
President Don Daniels called the meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood to order promptly at 12:30 p.m. on this Not Quite Memorable (Not Quite Memorial) Day of May 25, 2018.  A somewhat sparse but vociferous crowd of Lakewood Rotarians was on hand.
Welcome to another eventful Lakewood Rotary Club meeting. Don Daniels, ever punctual, dinged the bell and all rose to the occasion. He warmly welcomed fellow Rotarians, visiting Rotarians and guests.  He  then asked Mick Johnson to give the invocation and Ted Wier to lead us in the flag salute.
           President Don announced with some glee that he has only six more weeks left of his presidency and he plans to shake things up. A burst of applause immediately came from the peanut gallery. A short timer President is a scary being. The club has reason to be afraid, very afraid.
In subliminal messaging, the reader/viewer is subjected to a signal or message below the normal limits of perception. The premise is that the thought, word, or sound is embedded in the subconscious. The transmitter’s desire is to have future acts, behavior, thought, etc., influenced somehow. Now, being the erudite Rotarians you all are, such an assumption about our thoughts and deeds being subject to such frivolous influence is nonsense. Right? Look to your right. Nowhere in the Four Way Test or The Object of Rotary is there a reference to such preposterous ideas. There are no quotations by Paul Harris bark like a dog. about subliminal messaging. All quotations by our founder are forthright; no subterfuge. So, if after reading this week’s bulletin you feel the urge to do something quite out of the ordinary, it is a mere coincidence.
                With the thought of Friday the 13th looming over many minds, Rotarians took it on!  President Don Daniels was back from wherever he had been working hard.  The well-organized 48th Annual Sportsman's Dinner and Auction was soon to begin. By the way, the Sportsman's Dinner and Auction was a smashing success. The Lakewood Police Chief came fully equipped.....for his speech, and the team had once again convened to celebrate collegiality and, of course, lunch. No worries. All was well!
Past President Greg Rediske, donning a dark suit and a 101 Dalmatians tie, pulled his 11-year-old gavel skills out of his back pocket and rang our meeting to order on March 30th. The name Greg, from the origin of Latin and Greek roots, means watchful and alert. Past President and current club Secretary Rediske has been watching us like a hawk as you will see from his fines that occurred later in the meeting.
 With the temporary termination of rain, the encouragement of sun and the Lakewood Rotarians eager and ready, the meeting was called to order by past president, Rose Stevens. Rob Erb called her Dose, respecting, of course, Don Daniels who is off on another adventure in a warmer climate.  Rose, gracious and organized, welcomed fellow Rotarians, visiting Rotarians and guests. (You will see that the pictures are all in the front. Sorry. That is because the regular editor is basking in Tahiti while his substitute basks in Arizona with his Apple. And the Apple is not cooperating. Apologies)
           President Don Daniels opened the meeting in his usual attention getting style.  Andrew Kruse led us in the invocation and Mary Marlin did a fine job leading us in the Pledge of Alliance. Meeting set up included Jan Gee at the Paul Harris table, yours truly Paula Olson, bulletin writer, Troy Wilcox and Duncan as the set up team, and a diligent individual, whose name this author could not capture, as raffle ticket seller and sergeant at arms; and finally, Rick Selden manning the auction table.
The March 16th Rotary meeting was called to order by President Don Daniels.
The invocation was said by Charlene Miseli’s son Nate and the pledge was by Mayor Don Anderson.
A happier President Daniels thanked the set-up crew for finding the “lost” gavel. President Don then thanked all those that were part of the Rotary meeting production including: Charlene Miseli as the greeter, Selden and Selden on the Sportsman’s Desk; Mick Johnson, who collected $404 at the Foundation desk and Barlow Buescher at the drawing. Gayle Selden was trying to think of a creative angle for the bulletin and Eric Quinn took the photos.
President Daniels opened the sparsely attended meeting by banging on the bell with something other than his gavel. Seems as though the setup crew had neglected to provide the gavel used to ring the bell. Our esteemed President then threatened citations (aka fines) to the VOLUNTEER set up crew because of the oversight. It was all in good fun and this reporter did not witness any actual money change hands.

This just in…..all correspondence between Lakewood Rotary Board members, while serving their term, will be absolutely private. No exceptions. No explanation. This resolution was passed by the current board in a 30-second meeting over the past weekend at the Original Donut Shop. They took their cue from the Washington State legislature……

President Don Daniels called the meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood to order promptly at 12:30 p.m. and it became evident immediately that this was to be the "Lakewood Rotary's Got Talent" Day.
President Don Daniels called the Rotary Club of Lakewood to order right on time.  This bulletin should come with a warning:  what you are about to read is not all good news.  Some of what we have to write about today is grim reporting, and some is cautionary if not downright depressing.
         For some reason, about 45% of the usual Rotarians attending Friday meetings had other things to do today. There was one table with two lonely members sitting and missing members at most other tables. And they missed a great meeting dealing with changes to the Constitution and Bylaws about attendance and the real Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, all the way from Olympia.
President Don Daniels started the Groundhog Day meeting on this date, but strangely without any recognition of this important American tradition! Stay tuned, however, in this bulletin as we reveal that our very subtle President Don really did honor the furry little creature known as Punxsutawney Phil.
The January 26th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was rung to order by the pacing Don Daniels.
Dan Livingston gave the invocation and Bill Price lead us in the Pledge.
Below: J Lown
What a wonderful surprise to have PP Ron Irwin as President for a day! It is a good thing for President Don Daniels to do that. The year as president goes by so quickly – just about the time the Pres hits stride – it’s over! Having a “bench” of past presidents to rely on is a great resource.
Welcome back to the Country Club! Our first meeting of the New Year back in our home.
It was recently discovered that the only men who claim to not understand women are the young, the old, and middle-aged.
Have you ever had a festive evening at a scenic lakefront locale drinking Tom and Jerrys, eating delicious food, surrounded by chatty, excited friends with games on the table and the thought of not caring when it will end? 
The December 8th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was rung to order right on time by President Don Daniels. Charlene Miseli shared the invocation and Bill Allen led us in the pledge. President Daniels thanked Bob Hammar and Rob Erb for the set up; Jim Rooks for collecting $392 at the Foundation Desk; Leon Titus on the ticket sales, Photographer Troy Wilcox and bulletin writer Gayle Selden.
Did you see the full super moon on Sunday morning? It is also known as the full cold moon. That’s not a big news item. Neither would it be astounding to write this bulletin on the theme of The Twelve Days of Christmas. How about Advent? Ask a millennial if they even know what the story of Advent is. Not that any millenials read this. In fact, if it doesn’t fit on the screen of a smart phone, millenials probably can’t read it! What about sexual harassment? Wow! There’s news! Maybe the crack Lakewood Rotary Bulletin Committee could get an interview with Matt Lauer or Harvey Weinstein. Probably not. I know – this bulletin will just be about the meeting on December 1st and a mention about the festivities that evening hosted by the Partners in Lakewood Rotary. Just for fun we’ll throw in some speculation and innuendo.
“Without heroes, we are all plain people, and don’t know how far we can go.” – Bernard Malamud
Today was all about our heroes, those among us and those gone before.
It's Rotary Foundation Month! To mark the occasion, we had a speaker, but that comes later in this document. (It's kind of fun to call this a document....makes it seem somehow important. Maybe I should have called it a treatise, to drive that point home.) So anyway, this being Foundation Month, it's a good time to revisit our own history with the Foundation. As most know, there was no history on this subject for the club's first 15 years.
President Don, aka DD, convened the meeting with the ringing of the bell and got right to it. The invocation was led by Clint Johnson and Mary Moss (she of the jaunty hat) led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Apparently subbing for Don Daniels was DD, a very familiar look-alike. He called the meeting to order and the chatty membership soon became quiet. The invocation was led by Mary Covelli Johnson and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Mo Sarram. Set up was by Rob Erb, Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar.
The Friday, October 13th Meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was called to order by President Don Daniels. From what I could tell there was no one in the room with paraskevidekatriaphobia.*
Corny jokes abound this fall season: for example - What's the ratio of a pumpkin's circumference to its diameter?  Answer? Pumpkin Pi. Oh, I can’t stop laughing over that one, but I’ll try. And I promise that’s the last of them.

Once again, President Daniels began the meeting right on time, which, in effect, is whenever he starts it – you know, being President and all. Our fearless leader gleefully announced that, after the conclusion of today’s meeting, he is one quarter of the way through his Presidency. Do we give the President a “First 120 Days” review like we give another President a “First 100 Days” review? I’m wondering what that would look like. Maybe Eric Q. can create some polling questions, have Greg R. put them on our website and we could vote……

Today's meeting extravaganza was all about golf and the District Governor. Actually, it was more about the District Governor, and a little bit about golf. But after extensive research, and I do mean extensive, there appears to be absolutely no jokes or funny quotes about district governors. Must be some somewhere. Maybe if Horn gets elected. So, in the meantime, we'll stick with golf.
President Don brought the meeting to order at precisely the time he wanted it to start. Scott Buser gave the invocation and Eric Quinn led us in the pledge.
Dave Hall, Ambassador Shelter Box PNW
Jun 22, 2018
Guatemala, Africa, and Aid in Time of Disaster
Lakewood Rotary Committees
Jun 29, 2018
Committees share their goals, accomplishments and committee responsibilities
Installation Meeting
Jul 06, 2018
President-elect Gayle Selden, Officers and Board
Susan Russell Hall, Artist & Abbott Marathon Major
Jul 13, 2018
On Life, Art and Running
Dr. Joyce Loveday, President with Tawny Dotson, VP
Jul 20, 2018
Celebrating 75 Years of Education at Clover Park Technical College
Craig Gillis, District Governor 5020
Jul 27, 2018
District Governor Meeting
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