Posted by Gayle Selden on Aug 25, 2017

Is this seat taken?

It was a full house for the August 25th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood. President Don Daniels turned into our own Maître D’ searching for seats for our continued stream of members and guests. Despite the chaos to get us ready for the meeting Don promptly started the meeting at 12:30.

Bob Hammar started with the invocation and Ron Irwin led with the pledge.
The Rotary Moment highlighted the most recent Rotarian Magazine and the new Public Relations campaign. Rotary wants to help us tell the world that we are People of Action.
Lakewood Rotary could use a PR person of our own. A Facebook, social media and press release campaign.  If interested in this endeavor contact Gayle Selden.
The Rotarian also has an article on Toronto, home of the 2018 Rotary Convention. There will be a contingent of Lakewood Rotarians headed to the convention in June. Join up and learn more about the world of Rotary International.
Don thanked the set-up crew of Ward, Duncan, Bob and/or Rob; Paul Harris collector Ward Fletcher; Barb Spriggs for managing the tickets sale; photographer, Walt Richardson and bulletin writer, Gayle Selden.
Visiting Rotarians were many: Mark Woodman, President of Downtown Puyallup; Steve Shoemaker, South Hill; Jim Sheppard, South Hill; Jim Amsberry, North Tacoma; Pam Marzano, South Hill (and formally Fife Milton with President Daniels).
Guests included Marilyn Zawilski (wife of Bob), Jennifer Bond (daughter of Barb Spriggs), Riley and Steve from the Boy Scouts of America, Janet Lordahl (wife of Bob) and Sharon Selden (wife of Rick, mom of Gayle).  Also joining us was our Chilean Exchange student from 1986-87 Marcela Garrido and her children Magdalena (13) and Vincente (15). She also brought her high school friend (who played soccer for coach Sam Hunter) Lisa Mattie.
Marcella took the microphone and told us about her journey in being an exchange student and how the experience changed her world view. She thought it was important to bring her children out of the country for the first time to the place that shaped her. Marcella is currently a journalist in Chile but is getting her third degree (in law) at the same time. Marcella is also running for office in the newly formed Central Liberal Party, believing that working for her country will impact the whole world. She welcomes us all to visit Chile. Her host families 30 years ago included the Hunters, the Lordahls, the Seldens (with an 11-year-old me), the Reeders, the Coopers and the Amayas. Six Families that all raised a great world leader.
  Marcela, her children, and host families and more
There was no new Sunshine to report.
President Daniels announced that the Lakewood Rotary Board of Directors has approved the nomination of Greg Horn for District Governor in 2020-2021.
Chuck Hellar announce the plan for volunteers for the Courage which took place this past weekend. Hopefully the 327 riders (and 38 Rotarian riders) enjoyed the new ride through the McKenna area. And volunteers had as much fun as previous years.
Don Daniels talked about the previous President’s Council meeting where it was reported that the Rotary world-wide membership is growing, but the US membership is declining. The local clubs are currently working on marketing our 16 clubs as a group. Combined effort to generate more publicity for all the great work of our local People in Action.
Don also announced he was looking for a Past President for Sept 8th that is not going on the Reeder Roadster Romp. A large crowd is headed to Prosser for the event this year. We hope there will be enough members left for a meeting!
On September 22nd, there will be a joint meeting with Clover Park Rotary. Our District Governor will be here to visit and inspire! Do not miss it.
Paula Olson gave newest Lakewood Rotarian (and transfer from Tacoma 8) Bob Cammarano the Puffin to take care of until the next new member is initiated. The Puffin is a long-standing Lakewood Rotary tradition.
  (Bob seems very pleased to be the current Keeper of the Puffin)
Citation Time:
Jim Bisceglia was cited as his name was printed in the Wall Street Journal. $50.
There were no more volunteers so it was program time.
Sally Smith introduced our Program on the Springbrook Summer Youth Camp. Lakewood Rotary and eight other partners helped sponsor a very successful summer camp which ended on Saturday with the Reptile Man. Johnny Auriga (spelling questionable) who ran the program for the Lakewood Boys and Girls club started by thanking everyone who made the Summer Youth Camp Possible.
  Echo Curry, council members Don Anderson & Mary Moss, and the host of Youth Camp superviors
The goal of the Summer Youth Camp was not to provide babysitting but to provide an opportunity for growth for the campers. The plan was to teach the children to be respectful and mindful of others. Simple tasks like greeting the bus drivers, making students accountable for their own actions, keeping on task. . .these little things help make a better person.
Johnny introduced us to nine student volunteers who helped with the camp. These youths helped lead the activities with the campers. Activities included reading, games like hockey, music listening and some great field trip excursions. More then anything they helped the campers gain exposure to something outside their home bubble.
Lakewood Rotary gave a check to three of the youth volunteers to show appreciation for their hard work at the camp.
All together nine community groups: Lakewood First Lions, Lakewood Community Foundation, Clover Park Rotary, Steilacoom Kiwanis, YMCA, Pierce County Library, Communities in Schools the City of Lakewood and Lakewood Rotary came together to create a program that the Lakewood Boys and Girls club executed for the Springbrook youth.
Just when we thought the meeting was over, it wasn’t as Bill Potter took the mic to get approval for the FIRST check to be written on our major project, a Pavillion in the Park. It was moved and seconded to approve a check for architectural services for $2142.00.  (The membership must approve all expenditures of the club in excess of $2000 except for Rotary International dues).
Don rang the bell and pulled the raffle ticket and someone excited claimed a white chip. I forgot who it was but I sincerely hope that $5 went to something good.
A little post script on Springbrook Park. Our club put up $50,000 to create that park. From our own history book, “In the late 1990’s, the club dedicated $50,000 toward the building of a new park near the McChord Air Force Base main gate.  This area was, and is, economically depressed, and a park for the kids to play was a huge improvement.  Several work days were spent clearing the brush and blackberry bushes.  As the project progressed, several more work parties were held to install basketball hoops, spread wood chips, and the like.  Springbrook Park was dedicated in late 2000.”
Thanks to those Rotarians who started that ball rolling so many years ago. Ted Weir promises to tell us more of the process of creating Springbrook soon.
Thanks to Greg Rediske for writing our club history which I just got lost in for the past hour. It is amazing how much our history moves to impact our future. Take a read of the history yourself at  under Club Downloads.
It’s amazing that one simple moment turns into a major change agent in the future. An idea for a park, a lot of work to keep it a positive space for the community and now we have a great program taking place in that space that shapes the lives of many youth. We are the lucky ones, the Rotarians, who can help the community move forward.
Til the next one,
Gayle Selden
Some of the crowd at the recent concert in the park (thanks to Mary Marlin, roving photographer)