Posted by Mary Marlin on Jul 07, 2017
It was a perfect summer day. The sky was blue. The water on American Lake sparkled and so did the Rotarians on this special day.  Rick Selden curiously gonged the meeting to order and asked Mick Johnson to give the Invocation and Gordy Quick to lead the Pledge of Allegiance.
Rick then thanked:
Rob Erb and Duncan Cook for Meeting Set Up
Nicole Hancock at the Paul Harris table
Joan Strait and Tom Crabill at Ticket Sales
Sonia Martinez as Photographer
Tom Crabill as Sergeant at Arms
Yours truly as Bulletin Writer 
At this time, Rick asked all past presidents to come forward to be recognized.  It seemed there were only a few Puffins left seated as 18 past presidents came forward and delightfully sang a song of welcome to our new president.  Some words were a bit unclear, but the energy was there, nevertheless. Then low and behold, a Moroccan chief entered from the left in full regalia......oops, it was Don Daniels!! After thanking others for the melodic welcome and accepting the gavel from Rick, he began the first meeting of his "presidency."  Don admitted that one of his best memories of serving others was in Morocco. Once leaving the airport in full regalia (esp. the hat and flowing robe), and flanked by two friends carrying his suitcases,  excited tourists thought he was of the royal family and began to take pictures. (Not unlike Sonia taking pictures during the meeting thinking "Who is this guy?") Even his wife didn't recognize him. The question was asked, "So where did you sleep that night?"  Answer......"in Moroccan clothes!"
Don thanked the club for the privilege and the honor to serve such a great organization.  He then asked for updates from club members who had information to share.
     Visiting Rotarians were introduced.  Judy Hosea "kinda" was visiting after traveling for weeks around the US in her RV with her RV (rad vacationer) husband. Welcome back,  Judy!! Joe Quinn introduced his lovely wife, Kirsten, and Don Daniels introduced his daughter, Crystal, who joined him on this special day. John Forkenbrock had no news ....good news! Don thanked John Lowney, Ted Wier and myself for the great work on the Installation dinner. (FYI, John and Ted did all the work.) Steve Enquist awarded Dave O'Keefe of Communities in Schools, and Paul Harris awards went to Phil Eng and Gary Fulton.  Chris Easter also received his Blue Badge and gave Don the first $5.00 of his presidency.  Greg Horn was then awarded Rotarian of the Year. All his hard work and engaging sense of humor had not gone unnoticed by the club.  He did regale us with his Mohawk haircut story.  Apparently Mary was busy elsewhere for a couple of weeks and Greg and his two boys needed to change things up a bit. A big bad dude, blond Mohawk haircut later kept him from going to the club for 6 weeks because he knew he would be fined .....big time! He was lucky Mary "finally" recognized him at the airport!   
     The new Board of Directors were introduced:
Clayton Denault- Community Services
Greg Rediske- Secretary
Bill Potter- Treasurer
Troy Wilcox- Membership
Janie Frasier-Public Relations
Eric Quinn- Club Administrator and Director
Mark Blanchard- World Affairs
Sally Smith- Community Relations
     So let's get to know Don Daniels. He says he's conservative and his "schtick" is to "have fun and try something steer the ship smoothly and adjust the turns as needed." He has asked himself how he can make a difference and also how Rotary has made a difference to him. He related the travels with his dad at an early age as his father traveled the world purchasing such things such as perfume, liquor and jewelry for the business. Don said he didn't appreciate it then, but the memories of seeing the poorest of the poor made a lasting impression. He now contacts Rotarians before he enters the country to share insights and ideas. The information has proven invaluable. Don's future goals for the club include......membership retention and recruitment, fiscal responsibility, fund requests,  ongoing major projects, Toronto convention next year, district leadership training conference (co-chaired by Mary and Greg Horn), enhancing website and social media, recognizing local police and fire personnel, family fellowship outings, Rotary exchange, and looking forward to projects of purpose. One possibility is to plant a tree for every Rotarian this year.  Maybe partner with Weyerhaeuser. Also the homeless are an increasing concern. Noting the Shelter Box solution for needy families is an idea to be explored. Don shared the story of a young girl who took it upon herself to enlist her school and community to sponsor a Shelter Box. She has now accomplished this three times! Certainly a lesson of what can be done with persistence and the power of intention!
Sooooooo.......erase the word "fines" from your vocabulary and enter the word "CITATION."   Don's entire professional life has been spent keeping things working so that no "fines" would occur. Although sometimes "CITATIONS" would be needed.   And so it is..............
Gordy Quick donated $20 to thank John's help with his shoulder.
Ed Shannon donated $20 or $200............ask him to be sure.
Andrew Neiditz donated $101 to "his Holiness," Don
Phil Eng gave up $100 and encouraged folks to show up for Courage bike ride on Aug. 26th
Judy Hosea gave $100 for 30 years in Rotary and a birthday   (Can we ask which one, Judy?)
Jim Bisceglia gave $20 and challenged Mike McGowan to match it.  Of course, he did!
Joe Quinn celebrated his 49 years of marriage to Kirsten with $50
Jim Weinand had a great time in Hawaii and is turning 62....thanks for the $100 and Happy Birthday, Jim!
Peter Marsh donated $20
Barb Spriggs donated $25 for the fun July 4th boat ride with Greg and Mary Horn  and friends. Barb also suggested we have a Invite a Friend to Lunch day. Jim Bisceglia suggested we only do it for a special program, at which point Don replied, "Thank you, Jim, for stepping up to help with the Program Committee!" Note to self.........
John Magnuson generously gave $40
Bud  Montgomery donated $5 for his grandson turning 1
Don Anderson gave $20 toward the fire fighters response to the Colonial Hotel. He thanked Jim Sharp for showing up twice!
Bob Peterson gave $20 also
Reminders of Upcoming Events:
Springbrook Park on Aug. 25.......our meeting will be there.
Courage Bike Ride on Aug. 26th
Floating Board Meeting ...........coming up
Roadster Romp...Sept. 8, 9 and 10
The money collected by Nicole today was $561.00!!
The gong sounded and the historical meeting ended. Somebody won the raffle and it was off to the sunshine.
Till next time, yours truly, Mary Marlin