Posted by Donn Irwin on May 19, 2017
President Rose rang the bell, gonged the gong and got us started on yet another meeting of the Lakewood Rotary Club.
Mary Covelli Johnson did the invocation and Kim Prentice led is in the pledge.
The Rotary moment spoke to us about…..a whole lot of information regarding the Rotary Club of Moscow, the first Club of Russia in Rotary International District 2220. President Rose did a wonderful job of reading quickly through an encapsulated history of Rotary in Russia; unfortunately this writer doesn’t know shorthand and therefore feels compelled to tell you to go look it up –
Under the “Makin’ It Happen” portion of the meeting we found out the following:
Duncan Cook and Bob Hammar set up\took down. Bob Zawilski was at the Paul Harris Table while Chuck Hellar was in charge of selling raffle tickets -he looked to be awake this time…let's see if he actually reads this stuff (which is the question Magnuson keeps asking). Tom Crabill was the Sergeant at Arms (aka “the money grabber”), Donn Irwin wrote this outstanding article for you, while someone dubbed Eric the Quinn snapped photos….er, electronically procured stylized images fit for publication of our weekly event.
Visiting Rotarians – we had one…an Eric??? From Sumner. I didn’t get the last name.
Guests – Donna Phillips introduced a Professor Lynn.
Thankfully, John Forkenbrock informed us that there was no Sunshine. Ironically, that is always good to hear.
We had birthdays, wedding anniversaries and club anniversaries delivered to us by the one and only……………………just a sec, I’ll come up with his name……….
Well, okay, let me keep thinking on this. In the meantime here are the birthdays:
Duncan Cook – old guy – May 1
Bill Price – same thing – May 1
Mr. Bob Hammar – almost as old – May 5
Sally Smith – never mention a woman’s age – May 8
Bob Lordahl – aging along with the rest of us - May 10th
Rob Erb – not quite as old but working on it – May 12
Chaz Heberle III – May 25
John Caulfield – young guy – May 27
John Warner – May 30
Regardless of your age – Happy Birthday to all of you and thank you for doing all that you do for your community and Rotary International!
What is that guy’s name… starts with an “H” I think and he’s married to a real talented lady……it’ll come to me…
Wedding Anniversaries:
Dan Livingston has been married to Leah for 19 years, Cal Kushen to Kai for 38 years and Jennie Weinand has tolerated Jim for 39 years. Congratulations to all of you.
GREG HORN!!!! That’s the guy! I don’t know how I could forget his name after listening to Greg deliver the following to our club on Friday last:
Rotary Anniversaries for May:
Troy, the “I T Guy” Wilcox – 2 years;
Ron “Mr. Real Estate” Irwin – 36 years
Gayle “Roll Over Expert“(not sure where this comes from) Selden – 10 years
Clayton “Mr. YMCA” DeNault – 4 years
Vaughn “Basketball Champion” Hoffman – 28 years
Jay Mayer * - 16 years
Bill Potter* - 12 years
*Captains – America’s Best Bankers
Greg and Mary – Thank you for taking so much of your time to help with The Lakewood Rotary Gala and for being Personal Representatives to incoming Rotary International President Ian Riseley and his wife Juliet.
Announcements were many - here are some highlights:
John Lowney warned, uh, told us about the upcoming installation dinner. Said dinner will be at the Country Club and if you want to know more about it then you can find out electronically as there won’t be paper invitations as in the past. John shared with us two new apps available to download. You can now get Rotary Club Locator and Club Runner apps. Here’s how… if you have this…then you can do that. If you have that then you can do this. It was all really straight sideways and only mildly confusing but if you really want to know how to download the apps then do what I would do and call John Lowney! J
Ed Shannon announced that there will be a Military Appreciation Committee meeting right after the meeting.
The Russians are coming. They will be here on Tuesday. Mary Horn asked for help getting the visitors picked up from the airport.  Contact her if you can help.
According to the itinerary I heard, our friends from Russia will be very busy. Here are some of the highlights:
BBQ at Barlow’s, museum tours, Bev-Mo “tour”, dinner at the Country Club, vocational visits, hiking Chambers Bay, boat cruise, lunch on Friday with our club, Rainiers baseball game, Mt. Rainier or NW Trek and then on to Swiss for a brew and dinner, Costco, Gig Harbor and then a hand off to Seattle #4 at the Bremerton Ferry. Wow!
Dave Betz reported that the work party at the park got most of the work done before the weather got a little dicey. He said that the place is in good shape. Further noted was that Partners for Parks is looking into making the H Basin (?) into an event center.
Fines- Janie Frasier paid $20.00 for her birthday. Echo Curry paid for winning an award – The Washington Association of School Administrators Community Leadership Award for Outstanding Contributions toward Education. Congratulations Echo.
Don Anderson paid for a 3-week trip around the world. Be sure to ask him about sharks, orcas, bull elephants and pot holes.
Mike Zaro paid a fine for participating in a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and…
Tom Crabill announced that his grandson was accepted to Pepperdine. That cost him a Greenleaf.
Above: Avant-garde/psychedelic/dark photo of Dave Betz. Artistic license is alive and well on the bulletin committee (who reads this stuff?)
Andy Neiditz was the presenter for the program – Educational Incentive Awards.
These educational incentive awards are given to eligible students who plan to attend public or private college, university, technical or vocational school upon graduation from High School. The criteria for selection includes demonstrating a clear plan to attain academic goals, past academic work, community involvement, school extra-curricular or work activities, good citizenship and the recommendation of their school counselor along with other considerations.
To be eligible for the Incentive Awards the student must be a graduating senior living or attending school in Lakewood and contiguous communities to include Clover Park and Steilacoom school districts.
Andy introduced each student and then each student stated their name, where they were headed and what they wanted to major in. Each student received a $1000.00 check, made out to them.
Above: Educational Incentive Award Winners. Congratulations to the five of you!
The Key writer’s “poetic license” note - this is great stuff!! It gives us hope that we’ll be okay if we have this caliber of young person coming on to take over the reins.
 This year’ recipients are:
Madeline Bruner  - Lakes
Cloe Easter  -   Lakes
Sabrina Ebengho  -  Clover Park
Sydney Harrell  -  Lakes
Claudia Penny  - Harrison Prep
The Foundation grew by $149.00
There were 13 white and one red chip, and Greg R. was the lucky guy that got to go for $528.00. He got $5.00
Husbands are like fire. They go out when unattended. Zsa Zsa Gabor