Posted by Gayle Selden on Jul 14, 2017
The July 14th meeting of the Rotary Club of Lakewood was brought to order by President Don Daniels. Mary Covelli Johnson delivered the invocation and Kim Prentice led us in the pledge.
Don’s Rotary Moment included a moment of silence for Rotary International President Elect, Sam Owori, who passed away unexpectedly. Sam was from Uganda.
It also highlighted the Rotary Mandatory Day of Fun at the Tacoma Rainiers Game on Thursday evening. The Wilcox family, Enquists, Daniels's and Horns had a great time at the event.
Then Don mentioned the comments he received about his dress at his first meeting last week. Don’s traditional Moroccan ensemble did garner a lot of feedback, and he promises we will see it again. He told a quick story about how wearing a Rotary shirt in a Train line in Spain got him some good tickets from a Rotary speaker at Fife Milton. You never know when being a Rotarian will have an impact or impact you!
Don acknowledged the team of Rotarians working for the meeting: Duncan, Rob, Bob and Troy on set up; Nicole Hancock who collected $904 at the Paul Harris Desk; Tom Crabill and Joan Strait on the Raffle desk; Gayle Selden and Troy Wilcox scribing and photoging.
Visiting Rotarians introduced by Rob Erb included Wally Endicott, Parkland Spanaway, and Bob Cammarano, Tac 8 soon to be Lakewood Rotary. That wasn’t a joke. We look forward to having Bob join us soon. Bob will be our fourth Bob. As writers we love when we have multiple people with the same first name.
Our lone guest was Tom Hosea. Tom was supporting the best tan in the room. Don Daniels has been working too hard as our President to compete with Tom. Tom also has the best moustache and best wife.
John Forkenbrock had no new sunshine to report.
Barlow announced the Floating Board meeting. Taking place on August 8th, attendees will go to an assigned dock at 4:30 on Lake Steilacoom, boats will then frolic around, and end in a BBQ at the Horn home at 6pm. $20 per person covers food and drinks. Phil Eng will take your reservation (and whom from your family will be attending with you) at
Sally Porter Smith gave an update on the Springbrook Park Summer Camp. Volunteers are needed to chaperone the Friday field trips with the kids. Take a look at last week’s trip to the Museum of Glass
When: 11:50am – 3:30ish (usually back by 3:30, allow to 4); Where: Meet at Springbrook Park for orientation and then join a bus of excited youth for an afternoon adventure (see details below); Expectations: Chaperone and engage with youth during field trips – share your expertise and interest in a topic.  The Boys & Girls Club will provide an orientation at 11:50 prior to departure to review camp rules and behavior expectations.  Be a responsible, responsive adult in the lives of young people, demonstrate joy in learning and sharing an afternoon exploring a topic.  Have fun with the kids.
Prior to volunteering make sure to complete a background check through Boys and Girls Club. Go to and fill out form
Field trip Dates and Places: July 21st, Titlow Beach; August 4th, Lakewood YMCA; August 11th, Pierce College Planetarium; August 18th, Northwest Trek (12:30-5)
Email Sally Porter Smith,, with dates you would like to volunteer!
Dave Betz announced there were 30,000 people at Summerfest last Saturday at Fort Steilacoom Park. Great and busy event for our City. Clayton Denault announced that during the biking portion of the triathlon at least half of them passed him.
Don reminded us that this year is fine-free. No fines will be issued. There is however a citation budget.
Once that was announced Scott Buser paid $200 for a Hawaiian and San Francisco vacation that included being present at his daughter’s engagement.
Sally Porter Smith had a paid announcement for the Pierce College Foundations Scholarship Scramble on August 10th. See Sally for sign up info.
Jason Whalen paid $100 for a trip to Hawaii and 30 years of marriage.
Dave Covey paid $17.95 for Donn Irwin supporting the Rotary Club of Lakewood by purchasing a week at his Columbia River cabin and enjoying it while the electricity went out. Dave also paid $17.95 to thank Terry and Walli Roarke for some Chelan saving. Dave paid $100 and asked for change but Bill Potter was at his table so I am not sure if any was given.
Mary Marlin paid $20 to apologize for calling Mark Edgecomb Mark Blanchard in the bulletin.  Mark Edgecomb paid $20 for a trip to Tampa where it was HOT!
Mark Blanchard is currently galavanting around Europe. This week he was in France and met up with Anatole and his family. Anatole was a Rotary exchange student. Can’t wait for Mark to be cited for that trip!
Rick Selden stood up to announce that Steve Enquist was in San Francisco. Steve was babysitting so he thought no fine should be paid but it was his 44th Anniversary and he does have a trip to Alaska coming up so he paid $50 for his citation. Rick Selden paid $5 for being a Rat. He also fully expects no one will want to sit next to him at the next meeting.
Our Program was on Kids at Hope. Wally Endicott, ED and Treasure Hunter  Jonathon Johnson, Board Member, came to present us with a different way of thinking about things. Wally first showed us a phrase and asked us to count the Fs. He then asked who saw two, three, four, five and six. He used that to show that everyone sees things a little differently.
Above: Presenter Wally Endicott (left) and Jonathon Johnson
We got a lesson in Hope. If a person has hope when they encounter obstacles they find their way around them. A Gallup poll found that only 54% of kids are hopeful. Hope gives you the ability to visit your future in home and family; education and career; hobbies and recreation; community and service, and return to the present to prepare yourself for the journey.
Since they believe hope is a learned skill they work with schools to work on meaningful relationships between children and adults. To create a culture where the children are not seen as at-risk but with potential. Teaching the kids about hope. Hope then leading to engagement. Engagement leading to great success. Changing lives one kid at a time. Check out the national org here:
Terry Roarke drew white for $5.
See you next week when we learn about the State of the County.
Don’t forget to wear your seatbelt!
Gayle Selden
Do you remember at the Sportsmen's Dinner and Auction this year, where we auctioned off "Five Rotarians Run the Yard?" Those five Rotarians, Don Daniels, John Lowney, Steve Mazoff, Eric Quinn and Troy Wilcox, performed yard work for Katie Hairston, whose father purchased  this stupendous service package, and gave to her. We moved approximately 800 pounds of yard waste out of Katie's yard. This was a blast, and we hope to do the same thing next year!