Posted by Mary Marlin on Jun 09, 2017
The day arrived. Even though several members were at the Atlanta Conference, those who remained decided to enjoy one another and learn about the Boeing Company. And the gong rallied the team after they were suddenly jarred awake. Our pres of the day was Dave Reames, a skilled and thoughtful leader who followed Rose's instructions to "obnoxiously fine" all of those possible. He more than met her expectations. The humor certainly helped. 
The team onboard:
Invocation:  Clint Johnson
Pledge:  this writer did not catch that; she will hear about it from the editor
Paul Harris table: Jim Weinand and Gary Fulton
Set up: Duncan Cook
Raffle Tickets and Sergeant at Arms: Chuck Hellar
Audio Visual Technician: Troy Wilcox
Bulletin: Yours truly
Good news...........Echo Curry received her Rotary Blue Badge!!  Welcome Echo!!
The fines seemed to quickly become apparent. Here's the latest....
Vaughn Hoffman informed us his expensive bearded collie stud, River, got the best in show recently. Rainy, River’s buddy, received an advanced title, but isn't yet a champion. Barlow questioned Rainy's ability to herd sheep and ducks, esp. if the ducks are flightless ones. Good question! Barlow was obviously paying attention.
Jan Gee is celebrating being a first-time great grandma. (And she looks so young!)
Gordy Quick returned from the fatherland in Nebraska. He was the only faculty member at the 1957 class reunion. Good news....the zucchini are doing fine.
Lowell Johnson has been concerned when his wife leaves him to fend for himself at dinner, so he paid a fine grateful for her return. Dave Reames said he had seen him a lot at 7-11.
Don Anderson went to Washington, D.C. to "visit our money and try to get it back.” He had to be security-checked at the Pentagon and went through the Senate "tunnel.”
He also helped with the homeless work van and was given the title "undercover boss.” He didn't get paid but was willing to pay the fine anyway.
John Korsmo denied being a jet setter, but he did check out Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, even though Kansas City was not his fatherland. Bruce Springsteen was also somewhere on his agenda. Clint Johnson also checked out Petty and had fun with his kids and grandkids. Both tendered fines for the pleasure.
Rod Ladd turned 60 this year and gave $60 to celebrate.
Gary Fulton agreed to bring $200 next time even though he admitted he was looking down trying to avoid Dave's appeals.
Peter Marsh paid a fine since his daughter recently published her new book, "Fear Factor.”
Eric Quinn recently returned from Louisville with his fiance and agreed to pay for the fun.
Jim Rooks went to St. Louis, a city he doesn't like for some reason. (We need to find out why!) His grandson also graduated from high school and he won the raffle today and donated his winnings. Generous guy!
Bob Hammar's youngest grandson was recently accepted to Reed College (if this author got that right).
Mark Edgecomb has reason to be proud of his youngest son who's studying nuclear chemistry and was one of only twelve who were chosen for such an honor at a particular university this author did not catch.
And then there are the boat stories:
    John Lowney helped Barlow with his boat. Helped Steve too! And Steve thanked him!
    Another time, John (who admitted he was well hydrated) nearly wiped out the bridge and was able to deflect his wife's question..."Were we supposed to hit that bridge?"
    Rob Erb said flying was easier.  (And he revealed that Greg Rediske prefers breakfast to a rainy golf game.)  No secrets here..........
So after all the money that was so generously donated, the speaker, Richard White, the government relations manager for the Boeing Company, was introduced by yours truly, and Boeing came alive. Here are some interesting facts:
Above: Presenter, Richard White
Did you know......building airplanes is a highly competitive market? Bill Boeing was of German descent, went to school at Yale, became friends with Weyerhaeuser and built their first airplane in 1916. He launched the Boeing Co. out of the "Red Barn,” an old ship-making facility. He donated money for the UW Wind Tunnel with a skilled Chinese engineer’s help. After 1917, he needed to build boats (to stay afloat). The B17 and B29 were the most important bombers in WW11. The movie "Memphis Bell" was about the B17. Bill’s grandmother was a Rosie the Riveter and passed away at 99! The 747 plant was built before the highway, so the highway had to be built under their bridge. The US is the largest exporter of airplanes. In 2019, there will be 57 of the 737s built per month (at the Everett plant, this author believes)!
In 1994, Europe and the US were the major producers of airplanes. Now the world is catching up, esp. China. One of every five employees of Boeing works in Everett. Most people who have left the company did so voluntarily. Boeing is the largest private employer, even more than Microsoft. Jobs are more concentrated In WA than before. Boeing pays 32-33 million dollars for employees for schooling. Last year 50 million dollars were donated to charities such as 21st Century Skills, Employee Community Fund, Women and Minority-owned businesses, and Humanitarian flights to other name a few.  Incredible visionary leaders are extremely hard working. When a new plane is launched, often employees witness the event with tears in their eyes. Rich White has been there. As to privatizing air traffic control, Richard was not sure. And the question about "pilotless planes" is "probably years away.” And, by the way, if you haven't made it to the Boeing Museum of must go.
Dave closed the meeting, Jim Rooks gave up his raffle win and all was well.  Till next time.....Mary Marlin
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