Posted by John Magnuson on Jun 30, 2017
Paraphrasing Rose Stevens’ axiom, “An idea is just so many words without the action to make it happen.” (sic), must have fallen heavily on the ears of the framers of The Declaration of Independence. History reflects that Rose e-mailed and texted John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson and others, that enough was enough with England! Even though there is debate about whether the Declaration was approved and signed on July 2, 1776, July 4, 1776 or August 2, 1776 – there is little doubt that now Past President Rose’s memo prompted them to action. The War of Independence had been underway since 1775 and lasted into 1782 but Lakewood Rotarians can be proud that Rose stirred the antagonists to the Throne! Huzzah!
President Rose’s Swan Song began with Bob Peterson’s invocation and Mary Marlin leading us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. That Flag will be much in evidence during this week of celebration – The Fourth of July. Exercising her Big Bong Theory Rose asserted her wishes during this past Rotary year: 1. Increase our knowledge of Rotary’s impact beyond Lakewood, and 2. Make improvements in Springbrook’s neighborhood. Both efforts were deemed successful. She went on to state that it is her belief that peace is a family concern citing how a small cork can move an iron bar so long as it persists.
Roman Candles
Appreciation was expressed to Duncan Cook, Bob Hammar, Troy Wilcox, Bud Montgomery - $582 to the Foundation, Barlow Buescher, Bob Zawilski, Tommy Crabill and Ole – for their assistance with the meeting. PE Don Daniels introduced Curtis Thiel, Assistant Governor as our sole visiting Rotarian. No guests, no sunshine, no kidding. Ward Fletcher got his check for $650 that he promptly divvied back to the club – so generous a man, as always.
Curtis Thiel brought PP Chris Kimball to the podium to receive the Rotary Foundation Achievement Award for accomplishments during his year as club president. Better late than never. Steve Enquist was then awarded a District Service Award for the work done with our contributions to the Paul Harris Foundation. Congratulations to both Chris and Steve for Service Above Self! PAG Greg Horn announced a beer brewer’s event at Ski Park Lake on July 22, 2:00 to 6:00. Featured will be 200 different beers, golf, activities and non-alcoholic beverages with Spamalot as the theme. Your Paul Harris account is credited with your contribution and entrance fee. Contact Greg as a count is needed in advance of the event. PP Phil Eng reminded all of The Courage bike ride on August 26th. More information will be forthcoming weekly leading up to the event.  Resignations have been received from Jon Swanson, Tyler Andrew and Joe Ghilarducci.
Above: Assistant District Governor Curtis Thiel (middle), presenting an award to Chris Kimball
President Rose whined about her fine budget achievement as paling in comparison to Chris Kimball’s and Dave Coleman’s. Whining worked! She worked the room using various ploys and suddenly she exceeded $11,000 in collections with some pretty creative contributing and matching happening. It put her past Chris and Dave, previous whiners. PP Rick Selden confessed to a trip to Viagra Falls NY. Ooops, make that Niagara Falls. Also some golf in Eastern Washington and something about his daughter Gayle? Hmmm, I wonder…. Gayle thanked Tommy for his able bodied and always helpful acts. AG Curtis Thiel acknowledged our club’s participation in the Atlanta International Conference. Dave Reames kissed up to Rose for her accomplishments this year. It didn’t do him any good so he volunteered $100 generously. Bob Hammar creatively challenged our former farm team members from Rotary 8 to each cough-up $8 – clever, Bob.
Eric Quinn led an informative discussion of the exchange student program. This past year’s experience wasn’t so great because the student was ill prepared for the experience and was also too young. But that is not the collective reflection of our success in hosting exchange students. Sam Hunter elaborated recollections of his experience. This club brought our first student here in1969. They have come from all four corners of the globe.  Other members recounted their experiences and continuing friendships with those who have graced our club.
Above: Co-Presenter, Gayle Selden
Problems are arising because of social media and cell phones. Getting and keeping the attention of our students is ever more challenging because of these factors. It was suggested that prohibitions or restriction be put in place on their use. That decision may be hard to implement at the parental level and perhaps is best made a policy by RI.
 It is hoped that we can continue to support the program of exchanges. Host families need to be selected earlier rather than later. They also need to be carefully vetted and briefed on the procedures and responsibilities – it is a very active year of parenting. The student must become part of the family and that is a very dynamic situation.
Jim Rooks won a whopping $5 in the drawing. Thank you to Rose Stevens for a magnificent year as our President.
Who reads this stuff?
Cherry Bombs
A few hours later, a crowd of 80, or so, Rotarians and spouses and friends gathered back at TCGC for the annual installation banquet. We said a grateful and sincere appreciation farewell to PP Rose and welcomed President Don Daniels to the helm. PP Greg Rediske installed the new and returning directors.  Greg channeled PP Jim Strait with the eloquent charge to the officers reminding them of the seriousness of their offices this year. The only missing term was “assiduity.” He forgot “assiduity.” What good is an installation without “assiduity?” Oh well.  
PP Ted Wier mastered the Ceremony and welcomed the crowd. The food and drink was outstanding and the fellowship was warm and sincere. There was Morris Northcutt’s dulcet horn and some music and song (?) from some Scandinavian miscreants, all in the name of fun.
Dave O’Kieffe of Communities in Schools accepted the Bernie Ootkin Non-Rotarian of the Year Award. Greg Horn was honored with the Russ Klauser Rotarian of the Year Award. Both accepted graciously.
Rose eloquently thanked her team and recounted the year. Don graciously accepted the club’s confidence in his coming year and told us of his wishes for the club during 2017 – 2018. Gayle Selden is President-Elect for the coming year. Oh that explains what Rick was bragging about!
All is well with The Rotary Club of Lakewood. We are blessed.
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