Posted by Mary Marlin on Aug 11, 2017
 Joking that he was subbing for president DD today, Rick Selden took the reins of presidential authority as Don Daniels' trusted advisor.  And the meeting was efficiently called to order.  Ted Johnson gave the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Jim Bisceglia.  The meeting set-up was Rob and Bob and Duncan (triple threat...).
At the Paul Harris table was Steve Enquist ...congrats on $339 today! Ticket sales and Bulletin were completed by yours truly, and I thank Rick for encouraging the members to speak sloooowly. Eric Quinn subbed for Sonia Martinez as photographer.  Tom Crabill was Sergeant at Arms and Troy Wilcox was the video pro. There were no visiting Rotarians.  Guests included: Karen Drum, a friend and neighbor of  Barb Spriggs, who true to her word and suggestion to invite guests to join, did just that. John Korsmo introduced his wife, Lisa, and their daughter, Kira, who was a speaker today.  Fae Crabill was the guest of Tom Crabill. John Lowney won for the most guests.....Brian and Cristel Lowney were with Colin and Callie. Also Vern and Shelly Mills came with Jacob and Alex.  Note:  This is Membership Month!! Bring your friends. Bring on the fun! And welcome Bob Cammarano from Tacoma 8 for transferring in! 
     The Rotary Minute reflected upon the great time all had at the Floating Board Meeting last Tuesday .  A new record of 52 participants enjoyed the boat rides, the camaraderie and the delicious steak dinners!  Phil Eng, the organizer, thanked skippers Greg Horn, John Magnuson, Steve Mazoff and Fred, a friend of Dave Reames. Mary and Greg Horn were (as usual) delightful hosts and Richard and Ward became tanner and tanner as they grilled the Crabill-cut steaks to perfection. Thanks to Tom and Fae for the supplies too. In the past, Rick mentioned, the board meetings were enjoyed by card playing rowdies.  Once Gayle Selden suggested, "Why not use houseboats on Lake Steilacoom?" the idea.....and the boats....were launched.  Phil took the reins (okay the responsibility) and the skippers showed up. Another great evening was had by all.  Phil also encouraged folks to sign up to help with the Courage Bike Ride on August 26th. This year there will be a hamburger fry and dinner too. He also mentioned attending the Rotary International Convention in Toronto. Also don't forget the Roadster Romp in Prosser the 8th, 9th and 10th of Sept. Be ready for the wine and village crawl.....(Did I get that right?) Rick revealed Phil was a leader in logistics in the Army and acknowledged "This is a good guy to be in charge of all this!"  The energetic applause definitely  agreed. Then John Korsmo's name came up when mention was made of the concert at Fort Steilacoom Park on Sunday, August 20th at 6:00. Bring chairs and a beverage. It will give Rotarians and their friends a chance to see the progress on the "amphitheatre/community building" that we hope to get started very soon.
     Mary Moss, a Lakewood City Council member announced that the new Lakewood Multicultural Coalition has a mission to provide a voice to all people and communities through celebration, empowerment, and inclusion.   The vision of "Strength in Diversity" will be an avenue  for Community Conversations, Building Collaboration and Unity, Celebrating, Helping Youth, and providing Advice, Feedback, and Counsel to City Leadership. Lakewood Rotary is encouraged to give feedback that would open communication and opportunities to all within the community.
     Greg Horn then gave notice of birthdays, anniversaries and those with years in Rotary:
Birthdays this month were: Wynn Hoffman... Aug. 4, Morris Northcutt...Aug.7, Ron Messenger...Aug.9, Jay Mayer...Aug.15, Debbie LeBeau...Aug20, John Magnuson...Aug21, Echo Curry...Aug25, John Lowney...Aug27th, Terry Roarke...Aug27, Ted Wier...Aug.30.
Anniversaries:  Chuck and Sue Hellar...50 years/Bob and Marilyn Zawilski...48/Jim and Brandee Sharp...20/Nicole and Bryan Hancock...5/Robert and Robyn Peterson...56/Ron and Christine Messenger...2/Debbie LeBeau and Herb...46/Jim and Carol Bisceglia...10/John and Lisa Korsmo...26/Bill and Debbie White...21/Don and Nancy Anderson...41/Bill and Pat Price...52/Denise and Eric Yochum...25/Astrid and Kent Arola...33/Ron and Liz Irwin...7/Gary and Sheri Fulton...53/ Andrew and Marie...37/John and Bonnie Magnuson...43/Paul and Becky Wulfestieg...49/ and Gordy and Juanita Quick...65 years!!!! Congratulations to all!!!
The August Rotary joiners were........Rob Erb at 27 years ago, Chuck Hellar at 40, Joe Quinn at 30, Ralph Johnson at 55, Eric Herbel at 26, Clint Johnson at 22, Nicole Hancock at 3, Mark Blanchard at 13, Chris Easter at 2 and Rick Selden at 44..............a fine testament to Rotary loyalty by all!!
        And then came the "Citations"....
John Lowney mentioned he usually pays $20, but today is better than any vacation because my family is here. "I will donate $100!!!"
Steve Mazoff accused Rick of picking on him, but still paid $100 for an incredible vacation to exotic places.  He also honored his brother for donating his kidney to a complete stranger. Now that's a great brother!
Above: the Lowney family (not sure who the guy standing up is)
Paula Olson donated $20 for her new BMW. She's also waiting to get back her lasagna plates from Rick.
Gordy Quick, who his wife calls a work in progress, donated $20. Rick joyously announced that was like $1000 from anybody else.  Okay, maybe a hundred.
John Korsmo suggested his wife sitting beside him might help him donate $100, but we haven't confirmed that yet.
I am sure someone else donated $100, but not sure who was on a 9-day trek west.  But thank you!
      Mo Sarram then took a moment to mention the importance of having students come together regarding education and social injustice. To have students of different countries and cultures share stories and learn from one another can only better the world and the peace that comes from it. The 2017 conference in Wisconsin had the mission of addressing "Education and Social Injustice." There were 300 students in attendance and 30 countries represented! The speakers today were several family members of Lakewood Rotary...........Kira Korsmo, Colin Lowney and Jake Mills. All three attended the conference and were extremely impressed with their experiences.
Above: Social Justice Warriors Kira Korsmo, Colin Lowney and Jake Mills (recognize any last names?)
     Several opportunities were presented to students during the conference to awaken their experience to the need of expanding learning and helping to peacefully resolve social injustice issues.  Groups were given problems to solve while participants learned from students of diverse backgrounds and experience. Field trips to the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the Highland Community Montessori School generated ideas and questions. Groups were given problems to solve and others to interview. Geneva Johnson, an energetic 91-year-old speaker, told of being the first African American executive of United Way. She mentioned the Steps of Social Justice that include the awareness of injustice, making others aware, developing an approach or a plan, and taking action. Danielle, a photojournalist at the Pulitzer Center spoke about injustice toward gay people, and has recorded affected people and their plight.  Capstone projects with groups challenged how social injustice has impacted you. Interviews were set up to learn more about specific events and information about how individuals, teachers and parents can help solve these social problems.
The comments of the three presenters were enlightening and educational. During the conference they "talked, shared, played games, hung out, listened,  problem solved, questioned, learned, planned, caught fireflies, were challenged, learned to be vulnerable, and had SUPER FUN!!!"  As we all applauded at the end of this well delivered and fascinating talk, Rick Selden summed up our thoughts with "With these students, we are in good hands!" Well done, Colin, Kira and Jake!
Greg Horn reminded the students that there are only 6 cases of polio in the world. He then asked what NHS stood for. As the answer National Honor Society landed on chuckling fellow Rotarians, Greg humbly took some heat and the meeting was adjourned. Barb Spriggs had a winning number but the red and white tickets were stuck together so she hasn't really won yet.   Till next time..............yours truly, Mary Marlin
Above: Attendees at our recent Floating Board Meeting, and boy was that a success!
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