Lakewood Rotary is growing the Little Free Pantry culture in Lakewood. Currently we have 9 Little Free Pantries. 

          • The concept is simple: “Take What You Need, Give What You Can.” No questions asked!
          • Little Free Pantries are neighborhood-oriented, barrier free 24-hour access to food and hygiene supplies.
          • Little Free Pantries work in conjunction with and complementary to existing support organizations.

      Lakewood Rotary welcomes both individuals and organizations to join us in this effort; there are many possible roles.

      Pantry Host – The property owner permitting the installation on their property
      Pantry Steward – Usually the Host for individual Hosts; usually a subset of the organization or a cooperating neighborhood group for organizational Hosts
      Pantry Sponsor – Someone unable to Host or act as a Steward but offering to pay the installation costs.
      Other Roles – Pantry Construction and Installation, publicity and Social Media engagement, food procurement, and Coordination with other service agencies.

      Lakewood Rotary is partnering with, a Seattle based LFP effort, and, a Pierce county organization focused on teaching marketable construction skills.

    • Check here for more information and location addresses.